It was just a normal day for the Mario Bros. as they were heading to the Mushroom Kingdom with Yoshi,Birdo,Donkey Kong,Peach, and Daisy.When all of the sudden Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings appeared.The Koopalings stole Peach. Mario and Luigi were ready to fight, but then the Koopalings vanished.With a Teleporting Mushroom? Where had that come from? Well, it doesn't matter. They stole Peach and they had to get help.

The next day the Mario Bros. and the gang went out to go find help. Mario had asked the Wario Bros., but they said they would help if they had a fight with them. If the Mario Bros won they would join. So they had a fight with the Wario Bros. The Wario Bros. won or at least that's what they thought. Mario and Luigi snuck up behind them and the Mario Bros. kicked them and they had won! A deal is a deal. so the Wario Bros. joined them.

The day after that Donkey Kong asked for some help so he asked Diddy Kong,Dixie Kong,Tiny Kong, Funky Kong, and Baby Donkey Kong. They all agreed.

Then the next day Yoshi and Birdo went to go look for help.Then they found Baby Yoshi and Baby Birdo and asked them.They agreed. Then as they were heading back Big Bob-Omb appeared out of nowhere. He grabbed Baby Yoshi and Baby Birdo. Then he Grabbed a Winged Cap and flew away.Then Yoshi and Birdo headed to the Mushroom Kingdom to report the news.

Before they got back to the kingdom Daisy went out to look for some allies.So she found some Toads and asked them if they would help. They all agreed. Then she asked Rosalina but Rosalina said she had to protect her home so that was a no. So she asked Rosalina if some of her Lumas could. She nodded. Then she asked Lubba. He said yes. So Daisy went Straight to the kingdom with 10 Lumas and Lubba following her.

Yoshi and Birdo made it back and told them all what happened.They all agreed to help get them back so they all went to the Mountain Top and got to Big Bob-Omb but Baby Yoshi and Baby Birdo weren't there but they fought him anyway and they won.It took them a LONG time to defeat him and the reason is because he was colossal they needed more help so they asked Geno he agreed.So they went to the Desert and got to the next boss which was Eyerok. Baby Yoshi was there but Baby Birdo wasn't .Baby Yoshi was injured. He couldn't last for at least a few minutes. They had to get him quickly.They fought Eyerok and while they were fighting him Eyerok grabbed a Mega Mushroom which made things a lot more diffucult.Within a few minutes they defeated him.They grabbed Baby Yoshi and hurried out.They still needed more help so Mario by himself went to to a different planet and found Kirby. He agreed only if they had fight. Mario agreed with that.

The fight was on. Mario grabbed his hammer and tried to hit Kirby with it. But Kirby dodged it. Then Kirby tried to eat Mario but he jumped over Kirby before he could.Then Mario saw a Lava Musroom. He had never seen one before but he grabbed it anyways.Then Mario started transforming into lava.He could shoot lava balls so he shot one at Kirby and Kirby was K.O.

As the agreement was, Kirby joined them.Then as they were on their journey, out of nowhere Petey Piranha appeared with two cages and Peach was in one of the cages.Then he grabbed Daisy,put her in a cage and bounced off with a spring mushroom.Then they ran after Petey Piranha when suddenly Bowser Jr., and the other Koopalings appeared with King K. Rool, and Bowser. This is going to be a rough day.

Elsewhere. Link is walking through the forest as he bumped yoshi while he was looking for baby birdo. Yoshi decided to ask Link if he would join them. His answer was only if he had proof that this was the real Yoshi. So Yoshi had to get Mario. As Yoshi was looking for Mario, he found Cactus named Cactuar. Yoshi asked him if he had seen a man with a black moustache, red shirt, blue overalls, and a red hat. Cactuar's answer was no, but he did offer to help.


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